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Specialty Orders:

I have over 40 years of design experience. So I can create almost anything you want.

Here are some ideas for special gifts, fund raisers, unusual ideas, and to design your own pillows for home and store. If you are a store please call me or email me for wholesale prices. 

All designs can be done in paintings, giclée's, pillows or clothing. We quilt paintings and clothes as well.


You can find a design on my site and change colors to match your home  Or give me a photo of your animal, home, a scene or a flower. Logos are welcome as well as sayings. 

Examples: A business may want their vineyard with their wine bottles, an invention or a golf course their club house and greens.


Modern home designers should look at the synergy or modern page. Often the suedes with the iridescent paints can add the finishing touch to a room. All sizes can be made.


If you have taken a picture at one of my shows, just email or text me a picture.


Specialty orders may need a sketch if designing for your home and you want the item to fit it in with your paintings or interior style. You can also send a color sample to match up your interior.


All pillows have a zipper, labels with washing instructions, and they are all washable but spot cleaning is preferred for best results.  


There will be a fee for designing for your room as well as time to discuss your request. Samples of color are available.  Jennifer Cauffman   610 955-1373
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Pillows on couch.jpg
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Pillows on your couch

Public buildings/ Promotional


Impressive architecture


Loved Pets

Your favorite vacation spot

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Promotional Items

Match Pillows to your decor


Your Home Town

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