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Jennifer Cauffman is the artist behind Glory Fibers. Jennifer grew up in an art family and always loved fibers and the process of dying and painting. This love for tactile art took her to three different art colleges where she formally studied fibers and graphics.

After college, Jennifer’s creative passion and eagerness to try new things drew her to weaving. Experimenting on her loom only made her fall more in love with fibers. Jennifer looked for a way to combine her love of painting with fibers and found a silk painting class. The way the dyes danced on the silk excited her. She hadn’t found another medium that captured the vibrancy, lightness and textures more than painting on silk. She was hooked and in 1982 Glory Fibers was born.

Today, 38 years later, Jennifer is still making art.

“I am inspired by amazing nature and all that this world offers. The name Glory Fibers is from Isaiah: the whole earth is full of his glory. I hope my art inspires others the way this world has inspired me to create.”

-Jennifer Cauffman

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