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 Jennifer cauffman



Handcrafted collection



Floral Delights

Heres what were all About ll about!  

 Im a Fine artist that has always loved fibers  and the process of dying and painting, besides taking fibers and graphics and painting in 3 colleges, CCA being one of them .

' After doing weaving a bit , I decided to paint on my warp. Took a class in silk painting  and started Gloryfibers, and never looked back. The way the dyes danced on the silk was amazing , and there is no where else you can get vibrancy and lightness and textures, , all this mad arty  experimentation for 38 yrs 

 = Jennifer's Interpretations..

 And all the amazing nature this world has to offer us , as Isaiah reminded us , The whole earth is full of His "Glory" 

 The painting  are able to translate very well in this printing process , Since Im all about color  and  design I add more paints and also a gold line which is what I use in all my drawings on the original pieces , it adds a touch of fun and light , and glitz , and were pretty unique

 so thus is Gloryfibers & Design Co. 


100% Cotton





 gloryfibers@yahoo.com  Jennifer Cauffman   610 955-1373